About God


What God is. The word God is a label which describes all-encompassing everything, the full totality of the infinite timeless universe. God can be experienced by direct knowledge and experience. God is infinite timeless love.

What God is not. God is not the word that describes it, God is not concepts. God is not doctrine. God is not fear. God is not power and control.

Belief in God. To believe in a God is a concept. To not believe in God is also a concept. The true God is not the label that describes it. To believe in or not to believe in God are equally erroneous.

Proof of God. Everything simply exists as it does, its existence does not require belief. Nor does it require proof. Belief in God is not knowledge of God. This belief is an inaccurate non-provable concept.

The one true God. Wars fought over one god verses another are wars fought by the human ego protecting its belief. Accepting that God is a label to describe everything, there can be only one God as there cannot be two everythings.

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