Alchemy Festival 2012

Just got back from Alchemy Festival 2012. I’ve done six festivals this year ( Rogues Picnic, Bearded Theory, Knockengorroch, Resistanze, Infest and Alchemy) and this has been my favorite. I rekon a festival needs three special ingredients to make it work, great music, a great vibe, and your mates being there.

Alchemy was like a blend of the chilled out mellow vibe from Knockengorroch and  a similar musical feel to Bearded Theory, a winning combination.

No officious security, no idiots and over the top behavior,  Just chilled out, nice people, enjoying the vibe and the music.

The high point for me musically was Tribazik and Back to the planet. I was a bit annoyed that I missed both R.D.F and A0S3.

Although I booked the day of work on the Friday I was faffing with the packing and ended up setting off at rush hour. By the time I had got to site their was a massive queue for wrist bands. People were moaning and getting very bored, so I asked someone to hold my place and dashed off back to the campervan to get my ghetto blaster and a power supply and proceeded to DJ to the queue. I got the queue dancing to Senser and R.D.F which seamed to lift the mood somewhat.

Saturday was glorious sunshine which was well accepted. Sunday was grey and rainy which was a shame, but it didn’t manage dampen peoples spirits too much.
I look forward to returning next year to what is now my favorite festival :-)

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