Alchemy Festival 2013

I began photography in 2009. Back then I was mainly interested in photographing seascapes, ruins and waterfalls (Ooo, how goth?). I bought a campervan purely so that I could park up at midnight and get up at dawn to capture magical sunrises.

I figured that  since  I now had a campervan I  may as well start going to festivals. I started with Bearded Theory in 2010. After that followed knockengorroch and Alchemy Festivals.

Even though I was a paying customer I spent pretty much every waking moment taking photos. I realized that the most important part of a festival was its vibe, its energy. I also realized that I had the ability to capture this emotional vibrancy.

Very quickly I realized that Alchemy Fest was my favorite festival and that I wanted to work for them as official photographer. I attended Alchemy for the first time  in 2011 and had a fantastic time and posted my set on Facebook. The following year I posted a photo DVD to the organizers and expressed an interest in working for them.

….and now here we are in 2013 and Alchemy festival is now paying me as event photographer.

Here is my selection of favorites from the weekend

The full set can be seen on flickr

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