Alchemy Festival 2014

I’ve been in love with photography since 2009. Roughly around that time i started taking my camera to festivals to capture the event. Slowly but surely I started receiving guest passes in exchange for the use of my work for marketing purposes.

These days I’ve get paid for at least some of my Festival and club photography. Onwards and upwards.

What i have discovered over the past few years is that I find the photography much easier the more you feel connected to the vibe and the people of the festival.

When you feel part of something, connected to it, you sync with it. Your senses get sharper and you begin to anticipate moments.Old friends meeting up after too long apart, Parents playing joyfully with their kids, dogs just being dogs :-)

Of all the festivals I attend, the one I feel connected too the most is Alchemy, and I believe it is the festival where i do my best work. Its like one big family. So many festivals get corrupted by the desire to make ever increasing profits. Overzealous security, ridiculous bar and food prices and not being able to bring your own alcohol on site are all that it takes to ruin a perfectly good festival.

Alchemy promotes itself as being all about the music, and don’t get me wrong, the music is great. But for me, Alchemy fest is all about the people. Its the people that make a really great festival.

I feel privileged to have been an official photographer for the festival for the last two years and hope to continue doing it.

So, no more waffle, here’s my selection of personal favorites from the event

The full shoot can be seen on Flickr

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