Angkor Wat

Once the Loikaw festival had ended we couldn’t wait to leave. The constant attention, lack of decent food and continuous illness made the place extremely draining to visit. I stopped eating for 2 weeks and made myself very ill. We took a small plane out of Loikaw airport and Landed in Yangon where we stayed for a night before hopping back on a plane to Cambodia.

The Air Asia staff said that we weren’t allowed to fly unless we had and onward ticket out of Cambodia and made us promise to purchase one when we stopped over at Bangkok. Of course we didn’t, or couldn’t as we hadn’t decided where to go next yet.

Cambodia was a bit of a hell hole. Every way you looked someone was trying to rip you off.  My personal experience was that a Tuk Tuk driver pulled up at the side of a quite road, took the keys out of the ignition and refused to take me back to my hotel unless i paid him and extra $20 for him to take me to some resort first. He tried to bully me into doing what he wanted but I kept on repeating “No! take me back to my hotel, No! take me back to my hotel” until eventually he did what I asked.

The other unfortunate incident was when a ‘friendly’ policeman or security guard ‘accidentally’ got between me and my friends whilst walking through Pra Khan Temple and forced me to listen to his guide spiel, before asking for a donation. A less perceptive person may not have noticed that he was blocking their way in order to be ‘Helpful’. I refused to give him any money and left.

Talking to the other backpackers there were so many other stories to be herd about Scambodia.

I loved Angkor Wat it was a truly magnificent place, but i hated Siem Reap. Annoying Tuk Tuk drivers that don’t take no for an answer, people in front of food places that chase you up the street sticking a menu in your face, and everyone trying to rip you off. It just didn’t feel safe. We couldn’t wait to leave and I’m never going to go back. What a horrible experience.

Despite that however I did manage to take some quite nice pics :-)

c12-DSC_3618.jpgc17-DSC_3568-Edit.jpgc19-DSC_3548.jpgc24-DSC_3598.jpgc25-DSC_3673.jpgc51-DSC_3721.jpgc61-DSC_3675.jpgc65-DSC_3554.jpgc65-DSC_3574.jpgc65-DSC_3779.jpgc68-DSC_3577.jpgc69-DSC_3557.jpgc76-DSC_3564.jpgc80-DSC_3704.jpgc81-DSC_3669.jpgc85-DSC_3674.jpgc95-DSC_3717.jpgc97-DSC_3626.jpgDSC_3587.jpgDSC_3589-Edit.jpgDSC_3605.jpgDSC_3635.jpgDSC_3639-Edit.jpgDSC_3645.jpgDSC_3648-Edit.jpgDSC_3652.jpgDSC_3654.jpgDSC_3657-Edit.jpgDSC_3663.jpgDSC_3666.jpgDSC_3695.jpgDSC_3701.jpgDSC_3718.jpgDSC_3727-Edit.jpgDSC_3744-Edit.jpgDSC_3748.jpgDSC_3766 - Copy.jpgDSC_3773.jpgDSC_3777.jpgDSC_3803.jpgDSC_3811-Edit.jpgDSC_3816.jpgDSC_3825.jpgDSC_3827.jpgDSC_3835.jpgDSC_3860.jpgDSC_3870.jpgDSC_3877-Edit.jpg

The set can also be seen on Flickr


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