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My experience of a 10 day silent Vipassana Mediation retreat

I arrived at the Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation (S.N. Goenka) centre in Hereford early on Wednesday afternoon. After a short registration, coffee and a biscuit I checked out my room. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I had a single. My greatest fear of the 10 days is that I would be confronted […]

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Munnar is a beautifully cool lush green paradise elevated from India’s usual insufferable heat. I forgot this when riding my scooter to the top of a mountain one morning around dawn. It gets pretty darn chilly up there!

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Holi at Hampi

To day is hoi. So I guess that makes it holi-day. I wasn’t there to celebrate Holi. I was there to photography other people celebrating Hoil. Trying to avoid being sprayed with permanent carcinogenic dye and powered paint would have been futile. Some people seamed to end up with perfectly symmetrical complimentary colours making them […]

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After arriving at Hampi I set off to find my guest house. I checked the sat nav and to my disappointment it read 45 mins walk away. Ouch. I couldn’t get a tuk tuk as I only had 50r in change. I did enquire as to the cost but I was advised by someone I […]

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Jodhpur actually seams like quite a pleasant friendly place though to be honest I’m not sure whether its India that has changed or me. A handy hint some one gave me last night is that when a kid asks for you to take their photo, say yes, that’ll be 10 rupees. I tried it a […]

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Ok, right Pushkar does feel like a spiritual place one could even go so far as holy. There is deep sense of calm and peace to be found sitting by the lake. But….and this is a BIG but I has a very dark under current. The beggars dress in orange and pass themselves as holymen, […]

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Jantar Mantar

Photos from my brief visit to Jantar Mantar in the Pink city of Jaipur

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I just had the most horrendous experience. I arrived in Jaipur. The 4 gb data and roaming I paid £30 for isn’t working. So I have no mobile phone and no google maps. So I paid a tuk tuk driver to take me to my guest house. At first I can’t find it. Then it […]

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So I’ve arrived at Agra and the best thing about Agra is there is not Deli. There is less pollution, a little less honking and less annoying tuk tuk drivers. A cow walked towards me and I tried to stroke its head but unfortunately it tried stick me with its horns so I won’t be […]

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I’ve been in India four days now so I guess its time to update. I was due to catch a tram at 15:00 on Wednesday to get to the coach station but the trams had been delayed because of a royal visit. This ment that I had to get a bus into town instead and […]

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