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The night after the intensive Zen retreat

11/12/18 I just woke up as nothing. From within sleep the void opened up again. It was complete emptiness, nothingness, living death. Then their were golden sparks, golden fireworks. Fireworks of joy. Fireworks of joy, in the death nothingness. joy, love, nothingness, joy, love nothingness. Then flashes of white sheet lightening. flashes of everything. flashes […]

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My experience of a four day intensive koan based zen retreat

09/11/18 I’ve just got back from Noddfa, Penmaenmawr, in North Wales where zenways were running an intensive Zen retreat over four days. The aim of the retreat was to trigger a Kensho, Satori, or enlightenment experience. I’ve already had a number of such experiences but was simply curious to compare them. I arrived at 3:30pm […]

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The most effective mechanisms for dealing with trauma

12/11/18 I said a while back that after my journey to discover the solution to emotional pain had concluded that I needed another challenge. and that I had decided that my next challenge was to discover ‘universal truth’ or I guess enlightenment if you wan to put it that way. I have come to discover […]

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About God

25/10/18 What God is. The word God is a label which describes all-encompassing everything, the full totality of the infinite timeless universe. God can be experienced by direct knowledge and experience. God is infinite timeless love. What God is not. God is not the word that describes it, God is not concepts. God is not […]

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How my Ayahuasca experience has changed me

23/10/18 E=mc2 is misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that energy and matter are interchangeable. It means that energy IS matter. They coexist at the same time. Humans at base level consciousness only perceive the world at the physical level. Presumably humans of the highest level of consciousness only perceive everything at the energetic level (I wouldn’t […]

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Humbled and in awe I gazed upon the face of god – my experience of a four day Ayahuasca retreat

22/10/18 A brief recap. I spent 30 years of my life trying to heal from emotional pain. Ultimately I was to be freed from this by my mediation practice. But, during my years of research into self help, actualization, healing and development there were two words that kept on cropping up again and again. Vipassana […]

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My experience of a 10 day silent Vipassana Mediation retreat

I arrived at the Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation (S.N. Goenka) centre in Hereford early on Wednesday afternoon. After a short registration, coffee and a biscuit I checked out my room. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I had a single. My greatest fear of the 10 days is that I would be confronted […]

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Munnar is a beautifully cool lush green paradise elevated from India’s usual insufferable heat. I forgot this when riding my scooter to the top of a mountain one morning around dawn. It gets pretty darn chilly up there!

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Holi at Hampi

To day is hoi. So I guess that makes it holi-day. I wasn’t there to celebrate Holi. I was there to photography other people celebrating Hoil. Trying to avoid being sprayed with permanent carcinogenic dye and powered paint would have been futile. Some people seamed to end up with perfectly symmetrical complimentary colours making them […]

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After arriving at Hampi I set off to find my guest house. I checked the sat nav and to my disappointment it read 45 mins walk away. Ouch. I couldn’t get a tuk tuk as I only had 50r in change. I did enquire as to the cost but I was advised by someone I […]

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