Band Promo shoot with In Isolation

I was asked by Ryan of the band In Isolation to shoot some promo material for them.

Last Saturday we headed off to Blenheim Industrial Estate, my local post apocalyptic  wasteland :-)


We had arranged to meet up at 7:00 pm but I arrived at 6:45 just to check the site hadn’t been cleared and to quickly check over the individual shooting locations. I had been there quite a few times before, so I new the best spots, but I just wanted to see if anything had changed.

Once at the first location I set up the SB900 on a light stand with a reflector umbrella and took a few test shots. I wasn’t really happy with the initial shots so I decided to switch location.

The light stand I was using was one of those cheap and nasty flimsy stands from Amazon. It was so light that I had to weight it down with bags of rice to make sure it didn’t over balance. I decided to carry it extended instead of dismantling it to save time. Unfortunately for me it snapped in half under the weight of the flash and umbrella. Really good quality stand then?

Luckily for me the umbrella absorbed the full impact and saved my flash. So I was down one stand and one umbrella.

The second location wasn’t sheltered and made the use of the umbrella impossible. I had to resort to using non diffused flash which did result in rather harsh lighting. In future I’ll take bounce card with diffusion panel with me to soften the light when the use of umbrellas is impractical.

Once set up in the second location to my horror the sb900 refused to fire. I swapped the batteries out, but still not luck. I swapped top the sb700, still no luck. Then I realised what was going on. It was the limitations of the Nikon Creative lighting system that I was encountering. I simply didn’t have light of sight between the on camera flash and the off camera flash.

An important lesson learned. If I was ever to do this sort of shoot again I was going to need wireless flash triggers. The rest of the shoot passed unhindered. Here is my selection.

When I got home I purchased a 9ft tall higher quality light stand and a 42″ umberella softbox in case I was asked to so any further band promo shoots. After a few hours of research I settled on the Pixel king pro flash triggers A day later when the order was being processed I was having doubts about the triggers.
I had realised that I was going to want to increase the number of flashes I owed by buying some YongNuo YN-560 III‘s and I really didn’t want to have to pay an additional £60 for each additional receiver.

In the end I cancelled the order and invested in a YONGNUO YN-622N-TX i-TTL Wireless Flash Controller and two Yongnuo YN-622N Wireless Flash Trigger Transceivers. This purchase felt better. I’d have the controller on the d700 hotshot, a transceiver for the SB900 and SB700, and any YongNuo YN-560 III’s I purchased the in the future would be triggered by their in built receivers. Or at least I believe they will.

I just need another band promo shoot now, to try out my new kit and try not to break any of it :-)

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