Evil Scarecrow and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

The manager of Evil Scarecrow put me on the guest list and gave me a photo pass. I thought I’d go along, listen to some good music and see what shots I could get

These are my favorites from the shoot.


The full set can be seen on flickr

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Soma Sonic 2016

Ryan asked me to pop over to Liverpool to do event photography for their ‘Celebrating 10 year event’
These are my favorites from the Night


The full shoot can be seen on flickr

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Remedy Post Apocalypse

On November the 5th I worked as event photographer for Remedy Apocalypse. This are my favorites from the night.


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Prince Harry visits Nottingham

Alamy News phoned me up and asked me to work for them as a fixed point photographer for Prince Harries visit to Nottingham Central Police station. I said yes, not because I had any interest in the royals, or for that matter any interest in news photography, but I figured if you say yes to stuff, you are more likely to be asked to do more stuff. And you never know what you might get asked to cover in the future.

It turns out that fixed point press photography is a bit poo. You wait for a long time with backache from the heavy camera gear, the famous person turns up, people then stand in front of you to block the shot, the famous person then turns his back and walks to a place you cant see from, and when he comes back into view people stick their mobiles phones in-front of your lens…

I didn’t get very much but these are my favorites

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Equinox Festival 2016

In September 2016 I worked as event photographer for Equinox festival. Here is my seletion of personal favorites of the weekend.


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Infest 2016

In August 2016 I work for Infest industrial Music festival as event photographer. Here is my selection from the weekend.


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Grausame Töchter at Infest 2016

I worked as event photographer for Infest Festival 2016. Grausame Töchter were definitely interesting to photograph due to the nudity and live BDSM behaviour. Most of my photos had to be censored for facebook so I shall post the uncensored versions here. The music wasn’t at all bad as well :-)


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Wistmans and Dewerstone woods

I love Wistmans wood. It and Elgol in the Isle of skye are my favorite places to photograph. I had to use up my holiday from work so I looked at the BBC weather forecast for Princetown. Even in Mid summer it looks as if I was going to get fog or mist but I had to head off on Sunday right after the wedding party shoot.
I got there just before sunset on the Sunday so was unable to shoot. I was, however able to shoot in the mist for a half a day on the Monday.

I then popped down to Dewerstone woods but I didn’t get much because of the poor light


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Grange Scar

I was visiting my Aunty in Bishop Auckland. Whilst there we went for a walk in Cumbria.

As is becoming a bit of a theme, ‘the light wasn’t the best’ but i took a few anyway.


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I had a free weekend so I popped over to North Wales to do a shoot at Betws-y-Coed.

Unfortunately the light was awful and the water level at fairy glen too low, but I did my best.


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