Cabbage fourteenth Birthday

And so Friday night loomed. What to do with ones self?  I decided that I fancied a bit of a boogie so I jumped in the camper van and drove to Leeds for Cabbages 14th Birthday Party.
This was held at the West Indian Centre.

Chi and Donna









Performing were Eat Static, Zetan Spore, Razzek, Si Splatt, Purusha and OVNI.

Ian and Jo































I had recently purchased some Pivothead HD video glasses from the USA. This seamed like the perfect way to christen them.
The low light capability is really quite good and the sounds quality is pretty amazing.

The only problem was that being a dance night I found it incredibly difficult to keep my head still which makes for a rather disorientating viewer experience at times.
When I film with them in the future I’m going to have to remember to try and keep my head still :-)


The full set of photos can be found on flickr

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