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Illuminaughty-Halloween Central

I was invited by Ciara at Illuminaughty to take part in their photo competition. I would need to supply 80 images of the crowd, performers, traders etc and in return I could win £75 (+3 tickets for future events).  I said yes. I had no real interest or expectation of winning, it was just a great opportunity to get some shots of people in fantastic costumes and make-up. Its just one of those event where people make a lot of effort. I’m always trying to improve the portfolio.

The complete set can be seen on flickr

I also shot a little video to show the atmosphere and music



Experimenal shoot 2 with Mid

On 17th November my friend Mid was due to visit for the Eat Static gig at Ascension. The last time we met we did an experimental Photo shoot that lasted 10hrs. The results were quite interesting. We shot this with her lying on her cellar floor illuminated only by candle light. The full first experimental shoot can be seen on flicker.












This time we hadn’t planned what we were going to do, had no props and had a lot less time to play with.  My original idea was to experiment with different lighting techniques against a black backdrop, but this felt a bit dull and clinical. I wanted to try something more interesting and dynamic.

My house doesn’t provide any particularly interesting backgrounds, but in the end I decided to use the hall space directly under the loft and experiment with a horror idea.









Ultimately I’m not really particularly impressed with the result, but I’m posting it here any way as a record of the idea. I guess my best stuff has to go on my homepage, but I can probably get away of posting stuff I’m less happy with in my blog?