Clearwell Caves

My second location on my mini tour brought me to another iron ore mine, that of clearwell caves.

Even before I paid my £6.50 entrance fee to the mines themselves, I spotted the rusting mine trains outside.
I got so excited. I have a bit of a thing for rusty decaying stuff :-)

I spent quite and age shooting various bits of rust to sell as stock for grunge poster backgrounds.

Eventually when I’d made sure I covered are the rust I could find, I headed into the mine.

To be honest it was pretty impressive. I just loved all the abandoned bits of mining technology.
I wasn’t expecting to get much usable photography because of the light.

I didn’t bring a tripod because of health and safety. I didn’t check to see if they were allowed,
just figured it was selfish to use something that people could trip over in the dark.
To be honest the light wasn’t that bad. I was using a 24mm f1.4 on a Nikon D750, so I had a bit of an advantage over other camera users down there.

Here are my favorite shots


The tour was self guided and too about 45 mins to complete. All in all I loved it, but again I found myself
wishing for a bit more piece and quiet. Must be getting old lol.

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