Closed door Roller Derby bout

Somehow I seam to have fallen into the roll of Roller Derby photographer for the  Nottingham based Hellfire Harlots.  On the 20th November I was informed that a male Roller Derby team from New York was in Nottingham for a Closed door bout at John Carrol Leisure Centre and could I cover it. In a break from the normal girls in hot plants, this bout was a practice run for the newly established boys team.









The match was an hour late starting, but when it got going boy was it mad.  It was very fast and furious and I really had a hard job capturing anything but blur.  At the Clifton Campus sports centre, which is where I normally shoot, i’m spoilt with really good lighting. The illumination at this leisure center was really much less impressive.









I has to spend an age fiddling with the white balance to get anything remotely passable. Note to self. the 70-200 f2.8 is great for large halls with decent light, but for small venues with poorer lighting, the 85mm F1.4 would have worked better.

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