I’ve been in India four days now so I guess its time to update.

I was due to catch a tram at 15:00 on Wednesday to get to the coach station but the trams had been delayed because of a royal visit. This ment that I had to get a bus into town instead and lug my heavy backpack all the way across the city. It wasn’t too bad in the end as I have packed lighter than last time.

Once that little glitch was out of the way it was plain sailing from then on in.

I did feel a bit of a numpty on the flight. I began to second guess whether we were arriving at 11:40 in the morning or 11:40 at night as the planes shutters were open but the sky remained dark as we approached India.

I later learned that I was in a modern plane with auto tinting windows to help with the sleep wake cycle. Who knew.

My guest house is the Smyle Inn, Main bazaar, Paharganj. Its pretty basic. Not the best I’ve ever stayed in, but not the worse. I would’t stay here again.

I’ve spent most of my time so far shooting the markets in Old Delhi. To be honest its pretty horrible here.
The air is acidic and burns your eyes and throat. Its so very very noisy with the incessant car horn beeping. The streets smell of piss. You cant go anywhere without being hassled by taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers. People will try and help you but they will all expect paying for it.

A gang tried to stop me entering New Delhi train station so They could fleece me no doubt. I just pushed past them. You’ve definitely got to have your wits about you. All in all its a pretty horrible place. Delhi is a noisy smelly crazy chaotic shit hole. If I had my way I’d avoid ever coming back here but unfortunately I need to return to fly home. That’s a way off for now though, but when it happens I may treat myself to staying in a nicer area.

Here are my favorite shots for now.


The full shoot can be seen on flickr.

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