Eat Static at Ascension

I always seam to find the time to take photos and shoot video. I also seam to find the time to process the photos and video, even if it means working into the night. Then one thing I never seam to have time fore however, is giving those photos and video a written context. Perhaps blogging was the wrong way to go then? Or, maybe its ok to to keep this blog posts minimalistic until i actually have something to say? Since this is a photoblog, perhaps words are less important?









I was really looking forward to Eat Static at Ascension. Unfortunately I turned up late and was suffering from camera problems. There was a connection problem between the MB-d10 battery grip and the D700 body.  The view screen wouldn’t work and the autofocus kept hunting.












I found myself trying manually focus in the dark which I found near impossible. Previous Ascension events had been a lot lighter. This one however was darker and used smoke so getting decent picks was more of a challenge.

As for the night though it was top. I looking forward to shooting Zetan spore and space Tribe on March 2nd.


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