Fortress wales at caldecot castle

After my first two photo locations I parked the camper van in a lay-bye in the Monmouth countryside. After some food and meditation I set about processing the first days work. I then had an early night to prepare for Fortress wales a multi-period re-eneactment event at Caldecot castle.

I arrived at 10.00am just as it opened. My plan was to shoot re-enactors without any modern items in the shot.
Unfortunately this proved quite difficult to do. To my eye the who event seamed to be about the re-enactors and photographers.

I’ve never seen so many other photographers in one place before. Trying to get a shot made me feel like a paparazzi fighting in the hustle. This made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m used to being either the only photographer at an event or one of a small number.

I simply didn’t have the emotional energy for this environment. I stayed an hour but found it quite draining and so decided to leave.

These are my favorites.


More from this shoot can be found on flickr

I had originally planned to return home after this shoot, but my heart signaled otherwise.

I had just done three shoots in atmospheric locations, all of which, for me had been spoiled by noise and people.

My heart was telling me that I needed nature and solitude. It was at this moment that I decided to drive down to Devon to shoot Wistman’s Wood on dartmoor.

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