Front cover for the Newhaven Journeyman

On 28th July I headed of down south to shoot the front cover of a journal  named the ‘Newhaven Journeyman’

The book ( or Journal, they can’t seam to make their minds up) focuses on Madness, Music and Radical Politics as well as Outsider thought and Psycho thought.

To be honest I don’t really understand what ‘Outsider thought and Psycho thought’ but never mind.

Newhaven Rail Brige

I asked for a set of keywords  and a phrase that were descriptive of the book.

The phrase was “The Newhaven Journeyman returns from the heart of darkness with new skills and new information, he arrives in the port by the dark of night, and sets forth upriver to the heart of the country, ranting and spreading dissent where he travels, from town to town, city to city, plying his trade, spreading his news, talking mad things. Always one step ahead of the ship of fools trying to cart him off again”

I really had no idea how to interpret that in a visual way, so I turned to the keywords. In amongst them were “routes, rivers, ports, traveler, trading routes”
I chose these to be the inspiration for the shoot.

Newhaven Docks

Most of the images were selected for use and so I haven’t been able to publish them anywhere yet.
Hopefully as the journals are published I can then show them

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