Halloween Remedy 2015

This year I was privileged again to work as Halloween REMEDY photographer.

If Alchemy fest is best festival then Halloween Remedy has to be the best club night.
Beaverworks seam like the Tardis of venues, there’s always one more room :-)

As I wandered I came across the Cramps being played in the chill out room, Electro swing being played in the bar room and Jungle and Drum and Bass being played in the main room. There was tribal drumming in the outside area, hard dance and hard trance in the downstairs cellar area, and hard dark fast psy-trance coming from a second main room.

I spend the night wandering amongst friendly smiling people having the best of times.

The night was really lacking in idiots and overzealous security. So quite frankly its was the biggest friendliest club night with good music that I’ve ever attended.

Here is my selection from the night


The full set can be seen on flicker

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