How to boost Flickr traffic with kittens and boobs

So, you make a 7 hr round trip and spend £140 on diesel to go to a pretty coastal location. You arrive before sunset, scout out the location, find the optimum angles and then return to your camper-van for an early night. You then get up at 4:00am and after a rushed breakfast lug your heavy camera gear a mile along the coast to get ‘the shot’.


Then after 3 hours of photography you dismantle your kit, head back to the car park and get a few hours kip, before heading off home.

After hours of processing the image is finally ready for uploading to Flickr. You add it to groups and it gets 300 views. After 3 years the image has got 457 views, 8 likes and 13 comments. Is it worth the effort?

I guess the answer to this is why are you taking the photo? Is it to get views?, recognition?, to sell stock or prints? I love this photo but I felt disheartened after getting just 300 initial views.

And now the complete opposite of this story. I happen to been I Leeds. I happen to have the camera with me, The house in which I am staying happens to have some kittens. I pop on the 50mm f1.4 and spend 20 mins taking some shots. Get home, tiny bit of RAW processing, upload to Flickr and title the images ‘Kittens’.



For years my Flickr account had been ticking along at 300 views per day. Now suddenly I’m getting 2,000 views a day and it lasted for months and months. This image is currently at 6,154 views and 25 likes. I guess everyone loves kittens.

But the story doesn’t finish here. Whilst I’m Shooting at Resistanz Festival I get a text message from Ryan McNally asking me to shoot Soma Sonic the following weekend. I arrived at the venue and started shooting the décor, the dj’ds, and candid shots of the crowd before moving on to my in-your-face-fish-eye shots. Ryan asked me to make sure I got some shots of the performers.

“Were these the topless body painted girls?” I enquired “Yes, they are going to be walking on stilts”

Now I think this was very clever marketing. The venue was awash with DLSR’s and when the photos of the topless body painted stilt walking girls got out onto the internet the traffic generated would provide invaluable publicity for the night.


But there’s more…

The photos were published first to Facebook so people could start tagging themselves. This is great for me as it helps me promote guyberresfordphotography and great for Ryan as it promotes Soma Sonic

But then I got a message from Facebook informing me that one of my images had been reported for nudity. Next thing I know my account gets suspended. Facebook then tells me I have to delete all other images from my profile that contain any nudity to get my profile reinstated. To be honest I didn’t consider body paint to count as nudity, but Facebook is rather prudish.

I did what I was told. I removed the offending boobs! But then I moaned about it on Facebook which generated more publicity for my photos and Soma Sonic. Then I posted censored versions of the boob photos, generating more publicity.


Do you like the little Facebook icons covering the nipples? LOL

Then finally I posed the original versions of the photos to Flickr and posted link in Facebook saying ‘uncensored versions can be seen on flickr

BOOM!!! …..again.

Even the kitten traffic couldn’t compete with males desperately in search of boobs.
Flickr traffic went through the roof. 9557 views in one day. I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me.

So it just goes to show. To boost traffic in Flickr you needs kittens and Boobs! Of course the natural progression of this idea would be photos containing kittens and boobs. This is my plan for world domination muahahahahaha….

I’m still waiting for volunteers and suitably cute kittens :-)


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