Infest 2012

And so this last August bank holiday weekend I yet again found myself at Infest -the Uk’s premier alternative electronic music festival.

Now to be honest it was no where near as packed as in previous years, but to me this was a good thing. I’m really not a fan of crowds and it meant that I didn’t have to queue for toilets or the bar and that I could get to the front to take photos relatively easily.

I didn’t really find the line up particularly inspiring this year. In fact there were only two bands I particularly wanted to see, Dirty K and Winterkaelte.


I rather like my noise and Industrial dance, but feel no real affinity for shouty ebm.

The truth is I never really go to festivals based on the line up. It’s all about atmosphere, and that’s something Infest has in droves.

The people are just so friendly, especially the organizers and staff.

If feels like being part of a family, and I rather like that feeling.

I believe I shall be attending for many more years to come.

The Klinik

My full set of photos can be found at on flickr


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