Last day in Chiang Mai first day in Pai

So today was a bit of a letdown. Got a tuk tuk to Wiang Kim Kam, where we were informed we could rent a horse to lazily explore the rural village. Turns out however that the ‘horses’ were in fact tourist buses, and the place basically consisted of a few piles of bricks optimistically described as ‘historical ruins’, a temple, and a couple of market stalls. So, we’d found ourselves at a tourist attraction…a tourist attraction for Thai people, but still. Ended up paying a silly amount of money to get back to the city in a sorng taa ou. Was a bit melancholy about the whole thing, but some amazing street food and a leo beer has lifted my spirits. The rest of the day will consist of Thai massage and packing as off to Pai tomorrow for hammock lounging in a bamboo hut by the river

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