Life lessons


Over the last few months I realized that a number of what could possibly be considered life lessons kept on cropping up in the books I was reading. I decided to start keeping a note of them so that I could distill them down.

I shall leave them here. One thing that I’ve noticed is that for pretty much most of my life, the part where I found myself deeply miserable, I’d been failing on all of these without realizing that that was a problem. I’m doing a lot better now, though 9) may still need some work.

1) Be your authentic self
2) Accept and surrender to reality as it is
3) Don’t be arrogant or act special
4) You can’t change other people.
5) Forgive instead of blame
6) Don’t constantly moan or complain.
7) Don’t act like a victim, take control of your life
8) Don’t blame others for emotional pain, only you can heal yourself.
9) Do what is good for you, don’t do what is bad for you
10) Be Generous
11) Be Grateful
12) Be Compassionate

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