Lorraine Psilocybes Birthday Party

My Friend Marcus needed a lift to Lorraine Psilocybes 50th Birthday Party. I had nothing on last weekend so that next thing I know I’m at a Psytrance party somewhere in the middle of central wales.  The Journey was only meant to be 160 miles but it took for ever as it was all small b roads past Birmingham.


On the  Saturday afternoon it was Ian ‘Zetan Spore’ and Jo’s Hand fasting ceremony.  It was a very moving, wonderful, emotional experience, and one which I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Obviously different people have different ideas about marriage, but I know deep down in my soul, that such expressions of love feel far better to me, when conducted in beautiful wooded surroundings, than they ever would in some dark, cold, monolithic tomb.

I believe that a large number of people partied all through the night . However the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh reverberated around my head as i lasted until 2:30 and then returned to the camper van for some well needed sleep.



The full set of Lorraine Psilocybes Birthday Party photos can bee found on flickr.



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