loy krathong festival – Chiang Mai – Thailand

Nottingham to London, London to Muscat, Muscat to Bangkok, Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Not even sure how long I’ve been travelling for but I’ve slept perhaps 10 hours in that time. Arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday in time for Loy Krathong festival. The night sky lit up with hundreds of Chinese lanterns released from temple grounds and streets all over the Old City, candles alight in all the doorways, and small children letting off fireworks in the street. Beautiful krathongs- floating ornaments built of leaves and flowers- being lit and floated down the river, stunning Thai beauties smiling down from floats parading down the street, noise and music everywhere. Had my longest stretch of sleep last night since leaving (5 hours), in a kooky little guesthouse full of hippies and graffiti down a soi in the Old City. Still feeling jetlagged and crazy.

Here is my selection of images so far.

The full set can be seen on flickr

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