Prince Harry visits Nottingham

Alamy News phoned me up and asked me to work for them as a fixed point photographer for Prince Harries visit to Nottingham Central Police station. I said yes, not because I had any interest in the royals, or for that matter any interest in news photography, but I figured if you say yes to stuff, you are more likely to be asked to do more stuff. And you never know what you might get asked to cover in the future.

It turns out that fixed point press photography is a bit poo. You wait for a long time with backache from the heavy camera gear, the famous person turns up, people then stand in front of you to block the shot, the famous person then turns his back and walks to a place you cant see from, and when he comes back into view people stick their mobiles phones in-front of your lens…

I didn’t get very much but these are my favorites

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