It had seamed like I hadn’t been getting out with the camera much lately. There’s always gigs and clubs to do but I was missing travel and landscape stuff. So I planned a mini tour of Monmouth. The idea was to start at Puzzlewood, then onto Clearwell caves, the visit Caldocot Castle for ‘Fortress wales’ the multi period re-enactment event.

So heres my favoutite shots of my first location, Puzzlewood.


The woods themselves were great, apparently formed due to the ceiling collapsing on an old iron ore mine. As I wander round I couldn’t help but feel I would have like to have seen it before it was all fenced of and turned into a tourist resort.

Unfortunately I have a very low tolerance for screaming children, and Puzzlewood certainly had enough of those. Its such a shame its only open from 10 til 6. I arrived around midday and the light was extremely harsh. I would have love to have seen it bathed in the golden light of early morning.

After an hour I’d had my fill and decided to try the next location

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