Resistanz 2015

I’ve been shooting in the Industrial scene long before I started doing Psytrance club nights. When Resistanz 2015 came around I asked Leighton
for a photopass for the Event. Normally when I’m not getting paid for a festival I try to strike a balance between my obsessive need to take photos and enjoying myself. Although, in truth taking photos IS enjoying myself. On this occasion I when with an attitude of ‘ok, let me show you what I can do!’


I shot every single band without fail. After which I darted back to the campervan and processed the RAW files. I would have uploaded them but unfortunately I didn’t have wifi. The bands were: Unity One, Ruinizer, Solitary Experiments, Hocico, Mental Discipline, Advance, Rave the Reqviem, Reaper, WASTE, 3Teeth, Sirus, Dirty K, Preverse, Comaduster, Author & Punisher,Da Octopusss and Savant.

I had so much fun dancing up and down the length of the pit to the music and taking photos at the same time. The high points for me were the shear power and energy of ‘Dirty K’, the comic silliness of ‘Rave the Reqviem’, and crazy genius of ‘Savant’.

I was exhausted when Savant came on and I wanted to go to bed. My mind kept on saying “this shouldn’t work musically, but it just SO does”. My body wanted to dance like a lunatic despite my lack of energy.

The only down side of the event was when I slipped and smashed my UV filter on the front of my 24mm, but this probably has as much to do with inebriation it did the awful condition of the floors.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the weekend :-)


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