Resistanz 2016

Leighton from Resistanz asked me to photograph the festival in return for free entry and access to the pit.
Ideally I like to actually to get paid for festivals these days and if not that at least have my expenses covered.
However, free access to an uncluttered pit and chance to practice my gig photography was just to good to pass up.
The conditions were extremely challenging. Most of the bands played in pretty poor light with a good dose of smoke.
My auto focus was hunting all over the place and i just couldn’t see clearly enough to manually focus. However, I kept at it as I’m a bit of a determined little bugger when it comes to my photography.

The best thing about shooting at Resistanz was that most of the time I was the only one in the pit, so I could run backwards and forwards and clamber up and down stuff doing my usual unstable balancing routine without being challenged by any overzealous security.

Petrol Bastard and the Gothsicles were the easiest to shoot due to their dynamic energy and stage presence.

The hardest were iVardensphere due to the shear number of people on stage and Seraphim system and Randolph & Mortimer due to the truly awful lighting and smoke.

On Friday night I worked from 15:30 until 02:00 had a dance for half an hour then went back to the camper-van and stayed up until 05:00 processing my images.

I got up on Saturday and was able to upload to Facebook thanks to James allowing me to tether to his 4G phone.
On Saturday I worked from 14:00 to 23:15 then stayed up until 01:00 to get my processing done, then had a relatively early night.
By Sunday I was fresh and all recovered. I didn’t fancy processing at the end of the day so this time I actually went back to the van and did the processing after each band. By 01:00 I was done, and actually allowed my self to get drunk and dance for 2 hrs before going to bed.
I actually processed the Gothsicles on Monday morning before I drove home, so that I wouldn’t have any processing to do when I got back.

These were the artist that I shot:

Petrol Bastard, Isoloscope, Neuroticfish, Organ Donors, Neonsol, Randolph & Mortimer, Cyferdyner, Grendel, iVardensphere, Godflesh, Massiv In Mensch, Seraphim system, Alice In Videoland, Lab 4, Youth Code, Kutski , The Gothsicles.

These are my favorites from the event.


The full shoot can be seen on flickr.

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