Return to Skye

So far in my 3 year long relationship with photography I have been to two special locations which pretty much blew the socks of the others. These were Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and the Isle of skye in Scotland. I’d love to jump on a plane and go somewhere hot, but in order to save the hassle of booking flights and Hotels I’ve decided to return to Skye.

For me its a 10 hour drive to get there, but its worth it.  The thing about Skye its that it seams to have its own micro climate. Last time I was there it seam to alternate between pouring rain and  blistering sunshine every half an hour. I considered myself very lucky to get the shots i did.

This year I am returning to the same locations, but I’m hopping to get some different shots. The top 2 on my hit list are the sunrise over the sea at the old man of Storr, and star trails circling Polaris at Elgol. Unfortunately due to Skyes changeable weather I thinks its going to be unlikely I’m going to be able to get the shots I want.

I have faith that what ever the weather decided to throw it me I’ll be able to capture something special. Clear night skies and fog free mornings woulds be nice though ;-)

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