Rumah Api

The night before we flew back to Thailand we decided to go to Rumah Api a Malaysian Punk music venue in the Ampang District. Our Guest house was at Imbi which was about 5-10 mins walk from Pudu station. It took about 20 or so minutes to get from Pudu to Ampang and then only about 3 mins further walk to the venue.

When we arrived we were confronted by a sight which surprised me, a large gathering of black skinheads. I have always thought of skin heads as Nazis or fascists, so to see Malaysian Skinheads was a bit of a surprise. I have since been informed that the skinhead movement was never originally racist at is core and at some point was hijacked by the far right.

The bands playing on the night were:”The Bois, The Pub, homerun, Street Rebels, W.A.R, Milittan, Berantakan, class war, revolter, and on liberty”

I really enjoyed the gig. The venue was extremely hot, but the atmosphere and the energy was fantastic. It was lovely to so many joyful people obviously loving their music and throwing themselves around like maniacs.

I always feel threatened when attending similar gigs in The UK, but that probably has more to do with me, than the gigs.
I think the low amount of alcohol present probably added to the more chilled atmosphere.

I found the photography extremely challenging due to the low light and fast moving subjects, but I think I got some interesting shots.


The images can also be seen on flickr.

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