Sunrise – Viva la Revolution

In my younger days I spent the majority of my Saturday nights either in dingy pubs or Goth/Metal/Industrial/Alternative club nights. More recently I appear to have gravitated towards the Leeds centered psytrance club scene.

The whole scene transition thing happened by accident. Back then I was pretty much just a Landscape photographer and I wanted to teach myself another genre of photography.

I volunteered my services to Nottingham’s Ascension club night so I could learn how to do nightclub photography. After Ascension I ended up doing some photography for Cabbage in Leeds, then Illuminaughty in Manchester. The next Thing I know I’m doing stuff for Remedy in Leeds and Somasonic In Liverpool.

I’ve started going sunrise not because I love the music (although I do like some of it), but because the people are great. They are such a happy, friendly, welcoming bunch. Its always shock to the system when I do a goth/industrial shoot again and have to reacquaint myself with all of the standoffish behavior. I guess that’s ruddy goths for ya ;-)

Any way getting back the whole point of this blog thing.
Here’s my favorite shots from Sunrise – viva la revolution


The whole shoot can be seen on flickr

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