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Ascension presents Astralasia and Laughing Buddha

Every photographer seeks to find his or her own style. For my event photography its seams as if I have become obsessed with trying to shoot in ambient light.

I do keep experimenting with flash at club nights, but I need colour in my photographs and i cant stand blown out smiley faces against a black background.

The Ascension club night is especially challenging as the light levels vary from night to night, so I never know what I’m going to have to deal with.

Often the light levels are sufficient to be able to use my 24mmand 85mm f1.4 combo. This night was darker than usual and I found it rather challenging to get both  sharp and colourful shots.

I shot this night with a 50mm  f1.4 and 10.5 mm f2.8 fisheye.

I got mixed results but here is my selection from the evening.


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Ascension with space tribe and Zetan Spore

Oooh-eck, I’ve been falling behind on keeping my photo blog up to date.
I’ve had other things on my mind lately and I’ve let the photography slip a bit.

But any way in an attempt to get things back up to date…

So on Saturday 2 March I worked as event photographer for Ascension which played host to the Psytance bands Space Tribe and Zetan Spore.
Here are some of the pics.

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Eat Static at Ascension

I always seam to find the time to take photos and shoot video. I also seam to find the time to process the photos and video, even if it means working into the night. Then one thing I never seam to have time fore however, is giving those photos and video a written context. Perhaps blogging was the wrong way to go then? Or, maybe its ok to to keep this blog posts minimalistic until i actually have something to say? Since this is a photoblog, perhaps words are less important?









I was really looking forward to Eat Static at Ascension. Unfortunately I turned up late and was suffering from camera problems. There was a connection problem between the MB-d10 battery grip and the D700 body.  The view screen wouldn’t work and the autofocus kept hunting.












I found myself trying manually focus in the dark which I found near impossible. Previous Ascension events had been a lot lighter. This one however was darker and used smoke so getting decent picks was more of a challenge.

As for the night though it was top. I looking forward to shooting Zetan spore and space Tribe on March 2nd.


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