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Alchemy Festival 2015

Well I’ve just got back from working as event photographer for Alchemy festival 2015 and what a festival it was.

Each year I wait for Alchemy to come round like other people wait for Christmas. This difference being that Alchemy is never a disappointment.

I spent my mornings RAW processing, the afternoon, evening and night shooting and the early hours socializing. I even managed 4hrs of sleep per night to recharge my batteries.

I looked for bands, Dj’s, Performers, groups, couples, babies, dogs, and general moments of emotion and energy.

Alchemy never disappoints, It’s a festival of friends and families, of positive energy, happiness and connection.

The music varies from crusty punk and ska, Folk and Reggae, and Dub, Psytrance and many other genres.

Thanks to the fantastic friendly people at Alchemy fest for helping me have such a great time and capture some memorable moments.

Here are my favorite shots from the event



The full  Alchemyfest 2015 shoot can be found on Flickr

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Ascension presents Astralasia and Laughing Buddha

Every photographer seeks to find his or her own style. For my event photography its seams as if I have become obsessed with trying to shoot in ambient light.

I do keep experimenting with flash at club nights, but I need colour in my photographs and i cant stand blown out smiley faces against a black background.

The Ascension club night is especially challenging as the light levels vary from night to night, so I never know what I’m going to have to deal with.

Often the light levels are sufficient to be able to use my 24mmand 85mm f1.4 combo. This night was darker than usual and I found it rather challenging to get both  sharp and colourful shots.

I shot this night with a 50mm  f1.4 and 10.5 mm f2.8 fisheye.

I got mixed results but here is my selection from the evening.


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