The most effective mechanisms for dealing with trauma


I said a while back that after my journey to discover the solution to emotional pain had concluded that I needed another challenge. and that I had decided that my next challenge was to discover ‘universal truth’ or I guess enlightenment if you wan to put it that way.

I have come to discover that these are not separate journeys but in fact part of the same continuum.

The path away from suffering and emotional pain, is exactly the same path as that the which eventually leads to ultimate truth.

I have described such mechanisms before but I am going to reiterate and update because I feel that its important knowledge to get out there.

So, as a distillation of 30 years of knowledge and direct experience I conclude that the most effective mechanisms for dealing with trauma/abuse are:

1) Ayahuasca
2) Meditation – Samatha (Concentration) + Vipassana (insight) or Mindfulness if you prefer the english translation
3) Performance – singing / dancing /acting / improv / comedy
4) Travelling
5) Yoga

In my experience therapy probably has a place somewhere on this list but id say that its not near the top in terms of timely effectiveness.

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