Visit to Dorset

Towards the start of September I had to use up some holiday from work so I decided to take a photography trip to Dorset. The primary aim of this visit was to capture the iconic image of Corfe castle in the Fog. Unfortunately the atmospheric conditions were not favorable.

I actually spent two mornings at Corfe waiting for the fog, but gave up in the end. To kill time in between reading, meditating, and watching Vikings on the laptop I visited Corfe station which was exceptionally pretty and atmospheric.

Wondering where to go next I drove my camper van to the coast and randomly ended up in West Lulworth. I had had an unsuccessful landscape trip before and so decided to try my luck again.

At least this time I new the drill. Park up outside the church for free parking. Get up at 5:00 and walk 2.5 miles along the coast to get to the isolated Mupe Bay. This time the rain held off and the light played ball. I think I’ve pretty much nailed it this time.

So I wont have to do that early morning walk again, although I’m sure that at some point i will :-)


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