Yangon abandoned amusement park

We visited New Zero Art Space, as described by the Lonely Planet, but discovered unfortunately that no exhibition was on at the time. Rather than head back to our guest house we took a walk to Kandawgyi Lake. Our journey took us past Yangon Zoological Gardens which we didn’t visit because of the apparent poor conditions the animals are supposedly kept in.

As we walked along Bo Min Kaung Street I half suspected my eyes were deceiving me when I thought I saw a set of rusting roller coaster tracks poking out above the tree canopy. Could this be what I thought it was? Had I stumbled across a derelict amusement park completely by accident?

This was a dream come true. I’ve done very little Urban exploring (or rural exploring for that matter if such a thing exists, RurEx?). When I have had the chance I’ve found it so exhilarating. It just makes me feel exited and alive.

I didn’t want to frustrate my partner by forcing her to become part of my obsession so I decided to return later.

The following day I got a taxi to the zoological gardens for 3000 khat and made my way along the fence looking for an opening.
I came across a few place where I could probably have climbed over but I didn’t want to risk drawing attention and having my shoot thwarted at the first hurdle.
I worked my way down the road and eventually came across a gate. Sat in front of this were a group of locals at a table. I had no idea whether they would try and bar my passage should I try and enter the park, but I had to press on and find out.

I put my shoulders back, stood tall and strode pass them avoiding any eye contact.
I tried to give of an aura of “I have permission to be here:-)”

I made it passed the group and I waited with baited breath for shouts “hey, you no go!!” but they never came.
Once inside the first thing i should have done was to attach the ND filter to avoid those pesky blown highlights but I was worried about being ejected by a security guard. I pressed on quickly with the shoot to make sure i got a few pics before I could be discovered.

I whizzed around snapping manically at the disintegrated dodgems and dilapidated merry-go-round until slowly i realized that no security were coming.

Breathing a sigh of relief i made another circuit of the park taking more time to frame my shots. Unfortunately I still forgot the ND filter in my rush. This proved to be a fatal mistake as many of my shots have been rendered unusable by blown highlights. Luckily i was able to pull some of them back in RAW processing.

The Roller coaster and carousel proved to be the most photogenic I struggled with suitable composition for many of the other rides. I’m sure they have an angle which could do them justice. I may have to go back at some point during my travels and find it.

As I roamed the park I began to realize that the locals didn’t hold it in the same high regard as I did. The men at the gate were simply playing droughts. Others were playing Chinlone in a make shift court next to the roller coaster entrance. Circling the park I disturbed an amorous couple, but didn’t get challenged by anyone in the end.

Many of the rides were in such a poor state of repair I couldn’t discern what they were but the Roller Coaster, Carousel, Pirate ship, Dodgems, Enterprise ,flying Scooters and Dive Bomber were unmistakable.


My abandoned amusement park shoot can also be seen on flickr

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    1. Matthew Seow January 19, 2019 at 12:49 pm #

      Nice photos. The rides certainly look quite a bit cleaner than they are now, with everything covered in a layer of dirt and things rusting even more. I had to make my own photos and videos more old film style than yours.

      And you’re right that the locals don’t seem to find it particularly exciting. Us travellers are so thrilled to go in (and kinda nervous) but the locals are more amused anyone would want to go. Given the crazy amount of mosquitoes in there I can see their thinking, but what an awesome place to visit, right?

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