We flew out of Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok and arrived in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar 75 minutes later.
It cost 9000 khat I think to get a taxi from the airport to The White house hotel which we had had to pre-book before arriving in the country.

We arrived at 10:30 at night and we worried that the gate appeared to be locked, but someone arrived to let us in. This guest house has a curfew and guests would be locked out at midnight and would have to wait until 5:00 to be let in.

The Hotel cost us 19 dollars a night. The room was small and simple but not unpleasant.
Breakfast was included in the price but was very disappointing and consisted of a buffet of semi off fruit, papaya juice, coffee with condensed milk, toast and an assortment of cold pre-cooked rice and vegetables. The omelet however, was quite nice.

On arrive at Yangon I was drawn to the decay and dilapidated state of many of the buildings.
People apparently use their back yards as rubbish tips and to me this made an interesting subject for photography.

The photos can also be seen on flickr

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